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2008.08.22 Friday


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Who is Genzo Kanemaru

2006.09.15 Friday 10:18
Nationality :Japan
Address: Umayabashi,Asakusa,Tokyo

A pioneer of photography in Tokyo,and he was the teacher of Kozaburo Tamamura.
He opened his photo studio at Umayabahi,Asakusa in about 1868(Meiji 1).
The photograph which he took is precious,because there are few numbers.
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Text :Who is Nadar

2006.09.14 Thursday 18:02
Nadar,Gaspard Felix Tournachon
(April 6, 1820 – March 21, 1910),
Nationality: France
Address:Paris St.razare street 113
French photographer, caricaturist, journalist, novelist and balloonist.
He photographed Sarah Bernhardt(actress),George Sand his studio.And also,Bunkyu Embassy visited his studio at 1862, he took many photos.
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Who is Rihei Tomishige

2006.09.08 Friday 21:26
Rihei Tomishige
Address: Fukuoka, Yanagawa(1866-1870)
A pionieer of the wet-plate process in Japan.He was a student of Hikoma Ueno.
He was perhaps the first photographer to open a studio in Kumamoto.
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Who is Kamehachi Yashumoto

2006.09.04 Monday 23:09
1825(Bunsei 8)-1900(Meiji 33)
He was born as a family of a master craftsman of Buddhist image in Kumamoto, and he wanted to be the way, but there was not work under influence of an anti-Buddhist movement after the Meiji Restoration. Therefore he became a doll maker.

Molding of his doll was minute, and blood totally went, and there was reality as if it lived. That is why it was called a living doll.

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Who is Matsuchi Nakajima

2006.08.31 Thursday 18:38
Matsuchi Nakajima
real name: Seiichi Nakajima
1850-1938(Kanei 3-Syouwa 13)
Address:1872-1894(Meiji 7-27) Agatsuma-bashi,Tokyo
1894-?(Meiji 27-?) 1, Gofuku-machi,Nihon-bashi,Tokyo
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Text ; Yokohama photos

2006.08.27 Sunday 22:43
In Yokohama, some of the photographer sold their photo and albums to foreign people .(They came back to their home town with them as souvenir .)The subject of the photo ,some of are peoples in ordinary life ,some of are beautiful scenery all over Japan , and some of are beautiful ladies. They are include historic spot ,they shows a current fact at that time . These kind of photo sold at Yokohama , it is called " Yokohama photos ".This is not mean only Yokohama's scenery.
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Who is Burger , Wilhelm

2006.08.25 Friday 10:28
Burger , Wilhelm
Nationality: Hungary
Stay in Japan: 1869-1870(Meii 2-Meiji 3) Address ; Nagasaki
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We would arrange the MENU on using antique photographs, into near future!

2006.08.24 Thursday 22:20
Ladies and Gentlemen, now it's going on hot summer this year in Tokyo, how is your vondition? In a variety of area, you could get summer vacation yet,itis envious for us.

Then, we would arrange to make up for the official MENU for your rental these antique photographs. Of course even now, you could use for many plans in your business, or other in private use, but into near future, it's clearer for you to check and use.

And the search function has kept being complete everuday, pleae use. Of course we estimate that it's difficult for you to serach anyone in Japanese language, we would supply them in English for the first time.
If you would like to check or know anyone in Japanese, please lete us know by e-mail or on thsi space.

We would get prepared to complete more quantity, more quality helped by Mr.ISHIGURO, please expect it.

As your guide, DAISUKE KUROKI.
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Text: How to know the published date about post card.

2006.08.24 Thursday 11:07
There is the line on the back side of post card ,that is after 1907(Meiji 40).
Because the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications decided to allow to write to text on back side of the card at 1907(Meiji 40).
They put line on the back side of the card to to distribute text and address area.Without line is befour 1907(Meiji 40)

* Without line is befour 1907(Meiji 40)
* The one-third of the card is text area is 1907(Meiji 40)-1912(Meiji 45)
* The half of the post card is text area is after 1912.

Ofcourse this line shows only published date of the postcard,is not mean the date of photograph was taken.

Some of the post card was really used,they have postmark.

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Who is Stillfried

2006.08.22 Tuesday 13:03
Stillfried und Rathenitz ,Baron Raimud
Nationality : Austria, Hungary, Germany
Messers. Stilfried & Co.
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