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2008.08.22 Friday


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Text: How to know the published date about post card.

2006.08.24 Thursday 11:07
There is the line on the back side of post card ,that is after 1907(Meiji 40).
Because the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications decided to allow to write to text on back side of the card at 1907(Meiji 40).
They put line on the back side of the card to to distribute text and address area.Without line is befour 1907(Meiji 40)

* Without line is befour 1907(Meiji 40)
* The one-third of the card is text area is 1907(Meiji 40)-1912(Meiji 45)
* The half of the post card is text area is after 1912.

Ofcourse this line shows only published date of the postcard,is not mean the date of photograph was taken.

Some of the post card was really used,they have postmark.

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2008.08.22 Friday 11:07
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