Antique Photo Japan1862~!Collected by Mr.Keisho Ishiguro ! **Data Garden Photo-rental service**

Antique Photo from "BAKUMATSU" (1850-) through "SHOWA",our proud aintique photo-rental service shop!

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2008.08.22 Friday


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We would arrange the MENU on using antique photographs, into near future!

2006.08.24 Thursday 22:20
Ladies and Gentlemen, now it's going on hot summer this year in Tokyo, how is your vondition? In a variety of area, you could get summer vacation yet,itis envious for us.

Then, we would arrange to make up for the official MENU for your rental these antique photographs. Of course even now, you could use for many plans in your business, or other in private use, but into near future, it's clearer for you to check and use.

And the search function has kept being complete everuday, pleae use. Of course we estimate that it's difficult for you to serach anyone in Japanese language, we would supply them in English for the first time.
If you would like to check or know anyone in Japanese, please lete us know by e-mail or on thsi space.

We would get prepared to complete more quantity, more quality helped by Mr.ISHIGURO, please expect it.

As your guide, DAISUKE KUROKI.
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2008.08.22 Friday 22:20
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